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Michael Phelps, 2012 London Olympics, Olympic medal record, the War on Drugs, the Washington Post vs journalism, the misuse of the words ‘is’ & ‘has’




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…not too many qualifiers in that statement…



Look at how many people he’s hurting–Lock him up!!!



Nice work, Washington Post…You move me.




Portugal celebrates its 10 year anniversary of decriminalizing drugs, and their positive results further suggest the US War on Drugs is a waste of time and money:

Some links for you:

‘War on Drugs’ a Waste of Money

Jim Thorpe.






Portland Comedian & ‘Professor of Tap’ Sue Ceswick…you’ll love her…


We talk about:

tap dancing, wishing ‘making music’ was something everyone did, The Bridgetown Comedy Fest, Doug Benson, Dave Chappelle, MSNBC, Oprah, the Jack London Bar, inside the Portland comedy scene, Helium Comedy Club, the Funhouse, English is stupid, influences/idols, GWAR, fear, comedy philosophy




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Sue Ceswick (file photo)






1) Open Tap Dancing Classes taught by Sue on Wednesdays!!!  5 bucks!!!  You don’t need shoes!!!:

Sue’s Tap Class at the Jack London Bar (Portland, OR)


2) Lauriel Arwen’s Photo Blog


3) Meanwhile…I, Sam Davis, do hereby have a July 2012 Photo Show at New Cascadia Traditional.
(it’s a great gluten-free bakery):

New Cascadia Traditional (Facebook & their site)
1700 SE 6th (SE 6th & Market)



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DP, ‘The Anonylosopher’ and Rigel

We talk about:

my feet, thwarting a full nelson attack, re-living some classic street heckles, futuristic business cards, DP’s 12 lb rod, my mom trying to make me christian, dealing with people, boof, why do only some people think?


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