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Freebird & Samson Davis (me)

with cameos by: The Anonylosopher & Morris the cat


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This is the story of the night my friends & I spent backstage w/ music legend Donovan:

We shared a joint.  My friend got groped…and we learned about a future where every thing & every moment has its own scent.

(…yup, that Donovan–the ‘Mellow Yellow’ guy…)






If the audio player is not visible, don’t fret…just go to this link:



Donovan trading songs w/ Bob Dylan:

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Donovan-‘The Universal Soldier’ (TV spot)

(one of the best protest songs ever…written by Buffy Sainte-Marie):

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Donovan-‘Colours’ (TV spot-1965)

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DP and ‘The Anonylosopher’

We talk about:

life as non-profit canvassers, groundhog day, rituals, Annie, inside jokes and things that don’t work on an audio recording