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I waited so long.  I’m so glad I finally got to hear this:

–Ask Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.
“I get to meet a lot of people in my life,” Kraft says. “But I’ve never met anyone quite like Sam. I love the kid.” Sam has progeria, which ages him at eight times the normal rate.–

…yeah, except for that last bit.

While everything was going on in Boston, PSY was debuting the video for “Gentleman” on Youtube.

It seems like the song features the same music & melody as the last song, but maybe it’s because I don’t care.

The part I thought WAS interesting is that he is wearing pants that are a cross between:
Hammer Pants‘ & ‘Hipster Pants‘.

My friend Orion and I call them ‘Hamster Pants’.  We do that because it’s funny.

…and here, you can see the whole confusing video for yourself (complete with a plethora of ‘thrusting fits’ & a string of the most pathetic practical jokes of all-time):

There might be a reason his name sounds like ‘sigh’.


great moments in journalism-the question everyone is asking


Witness as the Associated Press arrives at the pinnacle of news reporting;
sublimely capturing the gravity of the moment with this headline:

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it's enough to make a Canadian throw up