DP and ‘The Anonylosopher’

We talk about:

loneliness, drugs, artist philosophy, smoker’s lung, rituals, bloody knuckles, successful friends


…A big “Thank you” goes out to DP for the first donation to the show!!!  A microphone!!!

…as for the first show being about ‘Portlandia’…It’s not…I had some technical difficulties the night people came over to record, and now it seems like I might have missed my window of talking to people who are interested in the show anymore…maybe I’ll use it and maybe I’ll record some new stuff…we’ll just have to see, won’t we?—–why is it so hard to get people to commit to talking?

…By the way, sorry about the sound quality on some of this.  I’m learning by doing (step by step, just like my life coach Bobby Brown taught me)…