[editor’s note: I typed the title of this show wrong & it said, “I coming…It’s promise”.  
I desperately want that to be the punchline of someone’s ‘trip to Europe gone wrong’ story.]

Sorry, peeps–I’ve been stupidbusy with videos and with finals coming up…but I did manage to record part of the first episode!…so that’s cool, right!?

Listeners: Ya…not so much there, buddy–Where’s our media-based content?!

(…sorry about the “listeners” thing–I don’t what to call you guys yet, but that felt weird…i gotta come up with something else…maybe PORTLANDIANS!?…that kinda feels weird, too-but in a gross way……i don’t know…)

Anyway, the first episode is going to be based somehow around* the ‘Portlandia’ show (yes folks, Portlandians talking ‘Portlandia‘)[editor’s note: This show never happened…& probably never will.]

samson: *As for the above-mentioned “based somehow around”,…

Turbo-Rads: Yeah, Sam!–What about that “based somehow around” thing, !@!%#@?

(‘Turbo-Rads’ is way better than ‘Listeners’…or ‘Listeneers’, even)

(and watch your mouth, by the way.  I’ll have none of this >”!@!%#@”< on my site–That’s b***shit!!!)

Anyway, all I mean is:

We’ll probably just ‘start’ talking about whatever any show’s theme is…after that, it’s a free jam (or for you hipsters, an ironic guitar solo…you know–from some band that you really, and non-ironically, LIKE–only you can’t admit it, so you act like you like them as a joke)…

(I’m looking at you, Def-Leppard-shirt.)

Hey, you should check out my links, too! (that, plus whatever you usually do)…There’s a dance performance my friends are putting on during this month’s 20th day (or that evening, to be precise–if for some reason you thought it’s going to be a ‘dance/all you can eat pancake breakfast’, sorry for the confusion).


samson: …talk to you soon, ‘Turbo-Rads™’……be realistic.