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Democratic decision making-the General Assembly


The donations-only coffee & tea tent


Then the Police & the Department of Homeland Security arrive…


Officer (McKinley?) chases a man running away, repeatedly hitting him with a baton on the head and back. #1


Officer (McKinley?) chases a man running away, repeatedly hitting him with a baton on the head and back. #2


After tackling the man into this concrete wall, he cuffs him while his fellow officers push a cyclist over.


Once the man is cuffed and laying on the concrete, the officer feels it's necessary to drop a flying knee on him while his fellow officers stand by and let him.


How did the People respond?…Let’s see:


Decorating City Hall (it was removeable and was removed, don't fret).


Setting up the 99% Xmas tree at the front doors of City Hall...


At the beginning of the night, there were ~150-200 people.  After the ‘police state expo’ and the march through the streets of downtown…it had grown to ~2000 by the time the park was re-taken.




…an open letter…

Dear Policefolk all over the world,

You can choose to SERVE & PROTECT ‘Banks’ or ‘People’. That’s up to you.
The tricky thing is…

-Only 1 of these has anything at all in common with you.
-Only 1 of these gives a fuck whether you live or die.
-Only 1 of these is human.

I’m not trying to tell you what to do. Only YOU can decide…
(but maybe ask your kids what they would want you to do)

…The ball is in your court now. What’s it gonna be?
We are the 99%, just like you…
…Can we go through this beautiful moment of history together?…Please?


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It’s just a couple of days until “Visions for the Future”)

support all the way from the Arab Spring

Occupy Seattle

Occupy Oakland-General Strike-11.02.2011

Boo-hoo, I have to drive around this block 😦 #perspective

This cute girl just walked into my shot @ Occupy Portland (my depth of field was set for something else-hence the out of focus face) --Samson Davis--

Leave me something to fight for--I am the 99%!!! Power to the peaceful.

We love this country AND we're peaceful... Do you want to be on video 'following orders' to beat us down or join us as we fight on your behalf? You are the 99%, too.

hmmm...that's hard one. Bank of America and Monsanto have been so good to me over the years...

"It's just a small group of homeless anarchists"--the (delusional) 1%

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This is directly connected to my previous show:

…and THIS is directly connected to my next show (coming soon).  If you want to know what’s actually happening without the media filter, check out this site of the live feeds for most of the ‘Occupy’ protests happening all over the US: