You might enjoy these (to tide you over until the next podcast show comes out)

It’s just a couple of days until “Visions for the Future”)

support all the way from the Arab Spring

Occupy Seattle

Occupy Oakland-General Strike-11.02.2011

Boo-hoo, I have to drive around this block 😦 #perspective

This cute girl just walked into my shot @ Occupy Portland (my depth of field was set for something else-hence the out of focus face) --Samson Davis--

Leave me something to fight for--I am the 99%!!! Power to the peaceful.

We love this country AND we're peaceful... Do you want to be on video 'following orders' to beat us down or join us as we fight on your behalf? You are the 99%, too.

hmmm...that's hard one. Bank of America and Monsanto have been so good to me over the years...

"It's just a small group of homeless anarchists"--the (delusional) 1%

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