DJ Philadelphia Freedom

We talk about:

1) We (my buddy DJPF and I) went to a great DIY record show.

2) We bought records.

3) We went to my place immediately to listen to them.

4) We talked about them.

(Specifically?…19 year old girls, ‘companion males’, stripping, kate bush, Osama, a political punk band, rambling on twitter, rambling on a podcast, kinds of drunks, the fillmore west, epic music bills, bubble gum, sunshine pop, puercos, psyche folk, SNL, Africa, DJs vs Musicians, racist pop, upcoming shows…)

Why should YOU care?

Well, because maybe you like record shopping…or maybe you like stories…or maybe you like music…or maybe you like talking…or maybe you like people?????  Give it a shot, it can’t hurt–I promise…wanna clean your house to it?  I’m okay with that, too.