Here are some of the comments from the youtube video for ‘Supernaut’ by Black Sabbath
(Sábado Negro).
One would think I would have a lot in common with people who like the same semi-obscure song from this band, but somehow internet comment pages always seem to end up with people doing this:

I feel like the only one I kind of relate to is ‘chutoi26’. Then, they go and bash the Ramones out of nowhere (plus, the whole ‘calling yourself “chew toy” thing’ creeps me out a little).

Next is where it degrades to a hate-fest…
First of all, how does not liking this song mean you’re a man who likes having sex with other men? I’m not seeing the connection there…anybody?
(and why, of course, do people resort to gay and racial slurs so fast online–especially about things like the degree to which you like a certain song?)
Secondly, how can someone be gay AND a motherfucker?
I think I have a grasp on what those words mean…
…and it seems like the logic is falling apart on that one.

Anyway, the song is still muy bad-ass. Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward…
Here you go (check out the rare percussion break!):

P.S. The new show is coming soon, I promise.