This is the story of how an enormous athlete was in a knife fight, 2 people died, one of the victims’ blood was found in the athlete’s car, the athlete said he didn’t know what happened & the athlete wasn’t punished (except a slap on the wrist by the NFL)…yet he still paid the victims’ families to never talk about it again.

Ray Lewis says he’s retiring from football after these playoffs…as the sports world laments the loss of such an inspiring, upstanding, devoutly Christian gentleman…

I sent this to one of his teammates on the Baltimore Ravens, Brendon Ayanbadejo, whose Twitter bio  brags of his own “ethical conscience”:

” @brendon310 DO you have an ‘ethical conscience’? Does #RayLewis?
Have fun getting ‘inspired’ by your ‘leader’ this week. ”

We need to pick better heroes.