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Oh, you know how HE do!!!  He CRAZY, yo!!!  He all be talkin’ ’bout RELIGION and shit…yeah, he crazy




Most of you couldn’t make it to see my first stand-up set in person.  Some of you asked to hear it anyway.  Here it is.

Posting this could be the most egotistical thing I’ve ever done…but it’s also a moment of ‘personal history’.  I’ve loved comedy since I was a little, skinny, idiot of a kid.  Now as a skinny idiot of an adult, I finally considered it as something that I could possibly pull off (or at least I wanted to try).  I took a quick course at Curious Comedy Theater with Gabe Dinger, a local favorite of mine.  Six weeks later, there I was onstage…giving people a moment of my own ‘personal history’.  At this point, I’m planning on continuing down the stand-up path (hence the cocky ‘part 1’ in the title of this episode).  Let’s see where this goes–strange times are ahead for sure…I can’t wait!

P.S. I’m sorry the sound quality is not the best (pretty good for an iPod™ audio recording device onstage, though).





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–Inspiration & the Voluntary Loss of Fear–

–When good people don’t vote, bad people win…Vote with your conscience, not your fear.–



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