Sometimes I just run out of time…but the desperation makes me come up with an idea: 


I’m starting an occasional series of ‘Minisodes’ called, “You’ve Gone Too Far!”

These will give me a reason to use things I think are maybe ‘a bit much’ without a disclaimer, but still funny.
This first one is a piece I cut out of the Donovan episode–Maybe you’ll hear why.



Next up:

A full length, real-deal, on the heavier side, ‘portlandians’ episode called, 

The Deathpisode: How US Culture Confronts Death

(…and how that made my ‘friend’ delete an entire conversation from Facebook)(part1)”



For now, try to enjoy the first ‘You’ve Gone Too Far! Minisode’: #1-“That’s a Rude Phone, Mister.”



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