featuring: DJ Philadelphia Freedom 

(with: Rigel) 


What’s it about?:

1) We (my buddy DJPF and I) go to a great DIY record show.

2) We buy records.

3) We immediately go to my place to listen to them.

4) We talk about them.


…yeah, but specifically?:

European gonorrhea, Psych-Folk, albums written as ‘albums’, What if Carlin was alive today?, Occupy Wall Street, Russian Roulette, Rhino Records, Mardi Gras Indians, Mummers Parade, plugs, Sunrize-‘Who’s stickin’ it?’, Espers-‘Widow’s Weed’, George Carlin-‘White Harlem’, The Cookies-‘Girls grow up faster than boys’, The Wild Magnolias-‘Handa Wanda’, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy-‘It’s a happening thing’, Vernon Dalhart-‘O! Dem Golden Slippers’





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The Wild Magnolias




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Go see DJ Philadelphia Freedom spin live this Thursday:
Title: DJ Philadelphia Freedom
Location: 5426 N Gay Avenue, Portland OR
Description: Soul! Girl groups! A bunch of old stuff on 45s that will be fun for you!
Start Time: 7:00
Date: 2012-02-16
End Time: 10:00
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