featuring: DJ Philadelphia Freedom 

(with: Tim, Ezra, DJ Steve K, Kit, Burrito, Michael Jackson & Rigel) 


What’s it about?:

1) We (my buddy DJPF and I) go to a great DIY record show.

2) We buy records.

3) We immediately go to my place to listen to them.

4) We talk about them.


…yeah, but specifically?:

car crushes, the Eagles Lodge, Jimmy Durante, sniffing records, getting in early, Alice Cooper’s sad member, Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers, Michael Jackson look-a-likes, Close Encounters-the home game, Cab Calloway-St. James Infirmary Blues, The Style Council-A Solid Bond in Your Heart, C.W. McCall-Oregon Trail, The Free Design-Kites Are Fun 





Alice Cooper’s sad member:  Why do ya think that guy in red is so sad…I think he wanted to be topless, too.  “No dice”, says Mr Cooper…hence the Michael Cera face.  I think the guy in back agrees with me…Also, the short guy wants to tell us something.               


'Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind' (the home game)


"I chase fish with a Jeep." --C.W. McCall--


"I'm infested with ticks...and I want you." --C.W. McCall--


P.S.–All the music on this show is mine (besides the obvious stuff that we’re saying is other people & one 4-second thing somewhere in an old episode). The song that opens the show is on my record–Check it out and/or buy this aforementioned record/song at: