Illona Trogub & August Amoroso

We talk about:

–What is an ‘American’?–


Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Portland, Occupy the World, corporate control, government complicity, seizing history and making it ours, The Republic of Cascadia, growing up in the Ukraine, Latin America, gay & lesbian rights, american prisons, freedom, debt freedom, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, respect, blood spilled on our behalf, brand loyalty, Iraq, Afghanistan, nationalism, stolen election(s), mainstream media, zeitgeist, Charles Taylor, tradition, nihilists, justified true belief, Thomas Hobbes, imposed morality, cognitive dissonance, Nietzsche, consumerism, identity, American ideals, false sense of security, needs, community, emotionally dysfunctional population, divide and conquer, religion, independent media, internet censorship



Check out this map of (most of) the ‘Occupy’ protests as of 10.10.2011:,-103.535156&spn=24.843806,43.066406


Don’t forget about this:

Fall 2011 Night Owl Record Show

Saturday October 15th, 2011


4904 SE Hawthorne Portland OR

Admission $2.00

(Early Bird admission 3pm $15.00)